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DevNotes by Vincent Tsen

DevNotes by Vincent Tsen


About Me


👋 Hello!

My name is Vincent. I'm a self-taught hobbyist Native Android Kotlin Developer and technical blogger. I’m currently learning Android development and documenting all my learnings here on this blog.

📫 I'm also available at Twitter, GitHub, Hashnode, Medium, and ğŸ’žï¸ Let's connect and be friends! We should all learn and grow together!

📝 Blog Content


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📖 Skills

  • Native Android Development / Kotlin
  • Unity Game Development / C#
  • C++ / C / Python / Tck-TK
  • Data Science / FPGA

ğŸ’žï¸ More About Me?

  • I am introverted, intuitive, thinking, judging (INTJ) personality
  • I write clean code based on DRY, KISS and YAGNI principles
  • I invest based on fundamental and technical analyses
  • I can speak English, Chinese and Malay

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📫 Contact

👉 You can reach me via Twitter @vinchamp77 👈