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Android Kotlin Weekly

Free and Useful Tools for Android Development and Blogging

These are all the free and useful tools and resources that I use during Android app development and blogging.

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·Jun 18, 2022·

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Free and Useful Tools for Android Development and Blogging

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Table of contents

  • Android Development Tools
  • Blogging Tools

I will keep this post up to date from time to time when I find something new to share.

Android Development Tools

JSON Editor Online

I use JSON Editor Online to visualize the JSON string and also use for debugging, especially the diff feature.

Insomnia API Client

I use Insomnia to test out REST API.

SQLite DB Browser

I use SQLite DB Browser to manually create local database.

App Privacy Policy Generator

I just fill in my app name, contact information, app type, mobile OS, policy effective date and owner type in this App Privacy Policy Generator to generate the privacy policy text for me.

It generates HTML, markdown and also allow you to deploy & host it in Flycricket.

Material Theme Builder

I use Material Theme Builder to automatically generate Android Views (colors.xml, theme.xml), Jetpack Compose (Theme.kt) or Material Token (DSP) for my app.

Blogging Tools

StackEdit App

I use StackEdit App to write blog post. I also sign in to save all my blog post into Google Drive. This allows me to back up my blog posts.

Diagrams. net known as is a graph drawing software. I mainly use it to draw flow chart and class diagram.


I use ScreenToGiff this for simple animation especially for tutorial type blog post.


Photopea is the online photo editing software. I rarely use this, but it becomes handy if I need more advanced photo editing.


I use Grammar & Spell Checker Google Chrome extension from LanguageTool to write my blog post.

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