How to Resolve Missing Clear Source of Information - Disclaimer App Rejection?

App description needs to be updated to clearly state the source of information and whether the app represents the government entity.


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How to Resolve Missing Clear Source of Information - Disclaimer App Rejection?

When I first submitted my US Election Info app, I got rejected.


These are the details:

Disclaimer/Source: Missing Clear Source of Information/Disclaimer App provides government information without providing the sources of the information and a clear disclaimer that the app do not represent the government entity in the app description.

So I dug a bit further and found the following requirement:

Since my app does not affiliate with any government, I refer to Unaffiliated apps that communicate government information section. There are 2 things that I need to do:

  • Clearly conveying the sources to users in the app description, and
  • Making clear that the app does not represent a government or political entity.

What exactly I need to do?

I wasn't sure, and I googled this a bit. It turned out that I need to update my App description. So I added the disclaimer at the end of the app description.

This is the exact text that I added:

(1) Information on this app comes from the <a href="">Google Civic Information API</a>, which aggregates data across the United States on elected officials in federal, state, county and local government offices.
(2) This app does not represent any government or political entity. Your use of this information provided on this app is solely at your own risk.

Please note that you can add link in the app decription using <a> tag.

This is how the texts look like at the bottom of my app description:


After updating the app description, it gets approved!

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