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Jetpack Compose Crash Course from Udemy Reviews

This article provides my reviews on whether you want to enroll in this Jetpack Compose Crash Course from Udemy. Is it worth to pay for it?

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Jetpack Compose Crash Course from Udemy Reviews

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Table of contents

  • What Jetpack Compose Crash Course doesn't cover?
  • What Jetpack Compose Pathways doesn't cover?
  • Summary
  • My Recommendation

I completed this course from Udemy - Jetpack Compose Crash course for Android with Kotlin few months ago, and I recently just completed this simple Android News app (100% written with Jetpack Compose).

So, I think it maybe useful for me to share with you whether it is worth to pay for this course. Should you enrol in it and pay for it? Is it worth? Is this official Jetpack Compose Pathways course sufficient? Well, it is up to you, but I'm going to provide my recommendation here.

Both courses content are quite similar. Let's see the key differences below:

What Jetpack Compose Crash Course doesn't cover?

  • Custom Layout
  • Testing in Jetpack Compose
  • Accessibility in Compose
  • Migrating to Jetpack Compose
  • Advanced State and Side Effects

What Jetpack Compose Pathways doesn't cover?

  • Inheritance vs composition, Kotlin basics and Android basics
  • MVC, MVP and MVVM explanations
  • Mealz app that demonstrates Coil, Retrofit libraries usages, callback vs coroutines network calls.


In my opinion, Jetpack Compose Crash Course is designed for beginner-friendly. On the other hand, Jetpack Compose Pathways is more comprehensive which covers almost everything you need to know about Jetpack Compose.

What Jetpack Compose Pathways doesn't cover is out of the Jetpack Compose scope. Those content are provided else where. Since this course is FREE and comprehensive, I highly recommend going through this first. For me, custom layout, advanced state and side effects are the hardest part. I still do not fully understand them.

My Recommendation

My recommendation is Jetpack Compose Pathways. If you understand everything except the topics that are not covered by Jetpack Compose Crash Course here, you can skip the Jetpack Compose Crash Course by Udemy.

However, if you still lost, I suggest you go through the course again. If you still don't get it, Jetpack Compose Crash Course is for you! Please make sure you wait for 90% discount before you buy the course. Good luck!

My learning flow was the other way round. I paid for the Udemy course first before I knew about this Jetpack Compose Pathways. If I've already known the pathways course, I probably won't pay for the Udemy course.

However, since this Udemy course is not super expensive unlike the nanodegree program, I can just pay for it without much thoughts. It costs less than a meal in Aussie dollar.

Hope my little sharing helps. Good luck to you and happy learning!

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