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Step-by-step Guides to add Android App Icon

How to add new icon asset to your Android App using Asset Studio in Android Studio?

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Step-by-step Guides to add Android App Icon

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This assumes you already have the icon asset and would like to import that you into your app using Android Studio.

The following example is based on the new project template from Android Studio.

1. Delete all existing icon assets in Android Studio

  • Delete ic_launcher.background.xml and ic_launcher_foreground.xml in drawable folder. This is just an example, you could be any icon asset file format.
  • Delete all mipmap folders which consists of all the icon assets


Tip: This step seems necessary. If I don't clean them up first, Android Studio doesn't seem to generate and overrites the icon assets correctly. It is less messy in my opinion. You don't have mixed new and old icon assets.

2. Copy your new icon asset into the drawable folder


Tip: This step is optional since the actual icon assets are generated later. However, I prefer to copy the icon asset file into the drawable folder so that we can keep a copy of it.

3. Generate launcher icon from image asset

  • Right-click in the project window, go to New->Image Asset


  • Make sure the icon type is Launcher Icons (which is the default)
  • In source asset, select Image asset type. Browse to the icon asset in the drawable folder just now.
  • Go to Background Layer, change the Source Asset Type Color to white color (i.e. FFFFFF)
  • Click Next->Finish. Different screen resolution icon assets are now generated in the mipmap folders



Run the app, and you should see your new icon!


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